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Useful Links

helpWe want this website to be a useful (even essential) portal for those of you who have to develop business cases over time. The following is our ‘first take’ for useful online resources which we hope you will enable us to add to in future with your suggestions.


HM Treasury Green Book

Great resource if you want to find out (lots) more about economic appraisal techniques and an array of national statistics and data.

Office of Government Commerce

Good overview, guidance and support material for technical issues and approaches to procurement, project and programme management and much more

National archives for OGC

OGC website ceases to exist after 1st October when it becomes part of the Cabinet Office website. All historic material will be archived here

Cabinet Office

As well as being the new home for OGC (now part of the Efficiency and Reform Group), this site gives access to policy frameworks and papers, including details of the new Major Projects Authority

The National Audit Office

Technical information, guidance and good practice material that can be used by public sector organisations

Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply

Access to further knowledge and resources to support purchasing and supply management activities


All you need to know about project and programme management methodology